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Our Company:

North American Laboratories, Inc. (NORAM), headquartered in New York City, offers a broad range of high quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. NORAM distributes various products and has maintained a large network of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and suppliers. NORAM’s products range from nutritional supplements to pharmaceutical therapies. Our attention to quality and cost effective production makes it possible for our customers to achieve their health care goals of living long active lives. This allows us to address important health needs and wellness at each stage of life.

Our Mission & Our Goal:

The mission of NORAM is to provide access to reliable, effective and affordable medicines and related health care products to our customers, no matter where they are. As health is one of the most important investments an individual or a society can make, NORAM considers it vital to maintain a high standard of quality for its products and to offer its customers values that are deserving of their trust and support. We envision ourselves as partners with health care professionals in maintaining patient care and well being.

Our Resources:

A successful pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product depends on mobilizing the best resources, expertise and experience that are available. Our strategy is to build a winning alliance of quality manufacturers in the U.S. that share our vision of a better today and tomorrow for patients – a vision that will continue to drive our growth and success for the future. Working with both small companies and large Fortune 500 corporations, our team of manufacturers allows us to innovate, reduce cost, market products and to take advantage of the rapid evaluation of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with the highest standards.